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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

Starring: Benjamin Walker,Dominic Cooper,Anthony Mackie,Mary Elizabeth Winstead,Rufus Sewell

Visionary filmmakers Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov reinvent the time-honored genre and present the terrifying creatures of the night as they were meant to be experienced -- as fierce, visceral, intense and bloodthristy. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter brings to the screen the secret life of our nation's favorite history's greatest hunter of the undead. -- (C) Official Site

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: The Great Calamity

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: The Great Calamity (2012)

Starring: Benjamin Walker, Clifton Collins Jr

A motion comic follow-up to a chapter from Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter novel where Abe's friend, Edgar Allan Poe, tells him the tale of historical Hungarian countess Elizabeth Bathory, often tied to vampire legends due to her brutality.