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Absolute Power

Absolute Power (1997)

Starring: Clint Eastwood,Gene Hackman,Ed Harris,Laura Linney,Scott Glenn

Manowar: The Absolute Power - The Day the Earth Shook

Manowar: The Absolute Power - The Day the Earth Shook (2005)


On July 23rd of 2005, Manowar headlined the Earthshaker Fest 2005. This performance was a unique historical event as it included a grand finale featuring Manowar members past and present on stage as one powerful, heavy metal legion, as well as an epic set up with a 200-piece choir and orchestra. The majesty and emotion of this event and the overwhelming reaction of more than 25 000 fans in attendance serves as a fantastic example of the preeminence that Manowar embodies. Accompanying this spectacular concert, the Manowar Mega Fan Convention itself was something to marvel at. Thousands of fans from countries across the globe converged on Geiselwind, Germany for three days of Manowar festivities. After witnessing the devotion and commitment of Manowar's fans, it is obvious why the band attests to having "the greatest fans in the world."

Ilsa, the Mad Butcher

Ilsa, the Mad Butcher (1977)

Starring: Dyanne Thorne, Tania Busselier, Eric Falk, Lina Romay, Esther Studer, Esther Moser, Peggy Markoff, Sandra L. Brennan, Howard Maurer, Jesús Franco

Ilsa, now a vicious warden, runs a mental-hospital for young women.