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Efter brylluppet (After the Wedding)

Efter brylluppet (After the Wedding) (2006)

Starring: Mads Mikkelsen, Rolf Lassgard, Sidse Babett Knudsen


Demon (2015)

Starring: Maja Barelkowska, Maria Debska, Piotr Domalewski

A day after discovering human remains in the backyard of their new home, a man begins experiencing strange things which come to a head on his wedding night.

The Wedding Banquet (Xi yan)

The Wedding Banquet (Xi yan) (1993)

Starring: Winston Chao, May Chin, Mitchell Lichtenstein

Sione's Wedding (Samoan Wedding)

Sione's Wedding (Samoan Wedding) (2006)

Starring: Oscar Kightley,Iaheto Ah Hi,Robbie Magasiva,Shimpal Lelisi,Teuila Blakely

The Member of the Wedding

The Member of the Wedding (1952)

Starring: Julie Harris, Ethel Waters, Arthur Franz

Le Chant des Mariees (The Wedding Song)

Le Chant des Mariees (The Wedding Song) (2008)

Starring: Karin Albou,Lizzie Brochere,Najib Oudghiri,Olympe Borval,Simon Abkarian

Monsoon Wedding

Monsoon Wedding (2002)

Starring: Naseeruddin Shah,Lillete Dubey,Shefali Shetty,Vijay Raaz,Tilotama Shome

Monsoon Wedding

Monsoon Wedding (2002)

Starring: Naseeruddin Shah, Lillete Dubey, Shefali Shetty

Rana's Wedding

Rana's Wedding (2003)

Starring: Clara Khoury,Khalifa Natour,Ismael Dabbag,Walid Abed Elsalam,Sami Metwasi

Rana's Wedding: Jerusalem, Another Day

Rana's Wedding: Jerusalem, Another Day (2003)

Starring: Clara Khoury, Khalifa Natour, Ismael Dabbag

Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding (1951)

Starring: Fred Astaire,Jane Powell,Peter Lawford,Sarah Churchill,Keenan Wynn

After the Apocalypse

After the Apocalypse (2004)

Starring: Jacqueline Bowman, Velina Georgi, Zorikh Lequidre

It Follows

It Follows (2014)


After a strange sexual encounter, a teenager finds herself haunted by nightmarish visions and the inescapable sense that something is after her. (C) Radius-TWC

The Wedding March

The Wedding March (1928)

Starring: Erich von Stroheim,Fay Wray,George Fawcett,Maude George,George Nichols

112 Weddings

112 Weddings (2014)


After two decades of filming weddings Doug had long wondered what became of those couples.. Are they still together? Is married life what they thought it would be? How have they navigated the inevitable ups and downs of marriage over the long haul? Driven by deep curiosity to answer these questions, he begins to track down and interview his wedding couples, juxtaposing wedding day flashbacks with present-day reality as he explores themes of love and marital commitment and to ask them all the same question: After years of being married, what would be your advice be for a young couple soon to be married?