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Alphaville (1965)

Starring: Eddie Constantine,Anna Karina,Akim Tamiroff,Laszlo Szabo,Howard Vernon

Weekend in Alphaville

Weekend in Alphaville (2010)


LaBruce's short dance film, created in collaboration with Regina artists Edward Poitras and Robin Poitras, pays oblique tribute to the Godard classics Weekend and Alphaville through a pas de deux on a frigid Saskatchewan highway between two women wearing nothing but slips, fur coats and fake blood.

Alphaville Little America

Alphaville Little America (1999)

Starring: Marian Gold, Martin Lister, Dave Goodes, Jakob Kiersch, Maja Kim

Little America (2001) a DVD of Alphaville's 17 July 1999 concert in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The concerts performed July 15-17 1999 in Salt lake City, Utah marked Alphaville's first ever live performances in North America. Due to the groundbreaking nature of this event, the concert on 17 July 1999 was recorded in its entirety to distribute as a worldwide release. The resultant tracks are a brilliant melding of various Alphaville styles into a well-polished opus, yet rough enough around the edges to allow the viewer the feeling of actually attending the concert.