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Ararat (2002)

Starring: Simon Abkarian, Charles Aznavour, Christopher Plummer, Arsinée Khanjian, David Alpay, Marie-Josée Croze, Elias Koteas, Brent Carver, Max Morrow, Christie MacFadyen, Dawn Roach, Garen Boyajian, Lousnak Abdalian

A variety of characters, some close relatives, others distant strangers, are each affected by the making of a film about the Armenian Genocide of 1915.

Back to Ararat

Back to Ararat (1988)


The first genocide of this century occurred during the first World War, when 1.5 million Armenians were killed, and an entire nation was driven from its land. Back to Ararat is the first film to examine this tragic episode in depth. Traveling from the old ruins to new Armenian communities around the world, the film presents a people united in its dream of returning to its homeland. But no one will listen to their arguments. In fact, Turkish representatives in the film argue the genocide never took place. Back to Ararat is a powerful reminder of a global injustice which has gone unaddressed.

Ararat - 14 Views

Ararat - 14 Views (2007)


This beautiful mountain saw a lot before and after the great flood.

From Ararat to Zion

From Ararat to Zion (2009)


The mosaic of Christian pilgrimage to the Holy Land has been shaped during two thousand years. The pilgrims have brought along their stories and left their sacred memories here. The film authors are trying to read the essential pages of those stories and reveal some precious aspects of self-identity. They follow the footprints of Armenian pilgrims between two focal points of human history- from the summit of Mount Ararat to Zion, from A to Z.