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Balls Out

Balls Out (2014)

Starring: Jake Lacy, Nikki Reed, Kate McKinnon, Beck Bennett, Nick Kocher, Brian McElhaney, Gabriel Luna, Will Elliott, Kirk C. Johnson, Sam Eidson, Billy Blair

With marriage, graduation, and the real world looming on the horizon, fifth year senior Caleb Fuller reassembles the ol' team of misfits for one last epic run in Intramural football.

Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story

Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story (2009)

Starring: Randy Quaid, Seann William Scott, Leonor Varela, Allen Evangelista, Emilee Wallace, A.D. Miles, Meredith Eaton, Tim Williams, Ryan Simpkins, Conor Donovan, Deke Anderson, Chandler Canterbury

An overenthusiastic high-school maintenance man attempts to lead an unlikely group of misfits to the Nebraska state tennis championship in Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story? director Danny Leiner's underdog sports comedy. American Pie star Seann William Scott stars as the ambitious janitor who believes he has what it takes to coach the winning team.

Barry Munday

Barry Munday (2010)

Starring: Patrick Wilson, Malcolm McDowell, Judy Greer, Chloë Sevigny, Missi Pyle, Colin Hanks, Jean Smart, Billy Dee Williams, Cybill Shepherd, Carmen Electra, Emily Procter, Shea Whigham, Barret Swatek, Christopher McDonald, Trieu Tran, Razaaq Adoti, Matt Winston, Kyle Gass, Michael Rivkin, Kirk Ward, Joe Nunez, Jenica Bergere, Mae Whitman, Tori White, Marnie Alexenburg, William Stanford Davis, Ed Solomon, Becca Sweitzer, Jillian Schmitz, Monica Allgeier, Sam Pancake, Cole S. McKay, Diana Terranova, Bruna Rubio, Cynthia Adkisson, Julia Boyd, Michael Durrell, Yvonne Huff, Marcelo Tubert, Ashley Guerrero, Colin Malone, Barry Habib, Andrew Magarian, Eurydice Davis, Mark Riccardi, Jeff Sanders, Stone Douglass, Jennifer M. Coll, Chris D'Arienzo, Youlanda Davis, Geoffrey Gould, Rebecca Howard, Kristoffer Kjornes, Charlotte Roller, Kristina Sefeldt, Willam Belli

Barry Munday, a libido-driven wage slave who spends all his time either ogling, fantasizing about or trying to pick up women, wakes up in hospital after a freak attack only to find that his testicles have been removed.