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Battlefield Earth

Battlefield Earth (2000)

Starring: John Travolta,Barry Pepper,Forest Whitaker,Kim Coates,Richard Tyson

Battlefield Earth: Evolution & Creation

Battlefield Earth: Evolution & Creation (2000)

Starring: Roger Christian, Ronny Gosselin, Erik Henry, Jonathan D. Krane, Giles Nuttgens, Elie Samaha, Patrick Tatopoulos, John Travolta, Chris Trice, Forest Whitaker

Travolting (unfortunately I can't take credit for this brilliant insult)!!! One of the worst movies I have ever seen; yet you(might) have to give Travolta credit for sticking it out with this obvious train-wreck, which most likely was quite evident even during the filming. One of the most infuriating things about this movie is the complete lack of any creativity in order to explain the inconsistencies and conflicts of logic in the plot and story, like using 1000 year old weapons and airplanes!; either the creators of this film think that anyone who would watch this movie are completely retarded (which may be true, and that includes me!), or the people who made this movie are freaking delusional- both are obviously true! (by n-reynolds (United States))