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Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Boy (2018)

Starring: Steve Carell, Timothée Chalamet, Maura Tierney, Amy Ryan, Christian Convery, Oakley Bull, Kaitlyn Dever, Stefanie Scott, Julian Works, Jack Dylan Grazer, Zachary Rifkin, Kue Lawrence, Timothy Hutton, Amy Forsyth, Andre Royo, Mandeiya Flory, Ricky Low, LisaGay Hamilton, Carlton Wilborn

After he and his first wife separate, journalist David Sheff struggles to help their teenage son, who goes from experimenting with drugs to becoming devastatingly addicted to methamphetamine.

Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Boy (2010)

Starring: Michael Sheen, Maria Bello, Alan Tudyk, Moon Bloodgood, Kyle Gallner, Meat Loaf, Bruce French

A married couple on the verge of separation are leveled by the news their 18-year-old son committed a mass shooting at his college, then took his own life.

Mestizo: A Beautiful Boy

Mestizo: A Beautiful Boy (2012)


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Crazy Beautiful You

Crazy Beautiful You (2015)

Starring: Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Lorna Tolentino, Gabby Concepcion, Inigo Dominic Pascual, Dante Ponce, Cacai Bautista, Hyubs Azarcon, Kiray Celis, Neil Coleta, Thou Reyes, Menggie Cobarrubias, JM Ibañez, Andrea Brillantes, Inah de Belen, Loisa Andallo, Chienna Filomeno, Tippy Dos Santos, Cheska Iñigo, Bryan Santos

A bad girl and a province boy found love in the state of being broken and in the process of healing.