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Big Eden

Big Eden (2000)

Starring: Arye Gross, Eric Schweig, Tim DeKay, Louise Fletcher, Nan Martin, O'Neal Compton, George Coe

Big Eden is a tiny fictional town in northwestern Montana, as Preston Sturges or Frank Capra might have envisioned it. Timber and Cowboy country. This is the story of Henry Hart, a successful New York Artist, who returns to the town of his childhood to care for the ailing grandfather who raised him. Back in Big Eden, Henry must come to terms with his relationship to Dean Stewart, his best friend.

The Big Eden

The Big Eden (2011)

Starring: Rolf Eden, Uschi Buchfellner, Menahem Golan, Yoram Kaniuk, Ingrid Steeger, Udo Walz, Kim Fisher

Rolf Eden is Germany’s last playboy. As ‘king of disco’ he launched the first beauty contests popularising DJing and striptease in prudish West Germany. Father of seven children of seven different women, he has danced with the Rolling Stones and Ella Fitzgerald in his clubs. Rolf Eden is a larger than life octogenarian with long, blond hair… his girlfriend is younger than his grandchild. This unflinching conviction was essential for Eden when he, coming from a Jewish background, entered the German entertainment business of the 1950s. Leaving Israel via Paris, he returned to post war Germany to open a nightclub on West Berlin famous Boulevard Kudamm, decidedly blocking out the country’s recent dark history.