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Black or White

Black or White (2014)

Starring: Kevin Costner,Jennifer Ehle,Octavia Spencer,Bill Burr,Gillian Jacobs

Black or White is the story of a grandfather (Academy Award (R) winner Kevin Costner) who is suddenly left to care for his beloved granddaughter. When the little girl's paternal grandmother (Academy Award (R) nominee Octavia Spencer) seeks custody, a legal battle ensues that forces the families to confront their true feelings on race, forgiveness and understanding. Anchored by an all-star cast and based on real events, the movie is a look at two seemingly different worlds, in which nothing is as simple as black or white. (C) Relativity

Alice or Life in Black and White

Alice or Life in Black and White (2005)

Starring: Fanny Duret, Nicole Duret, Valérie Lemaître, Fabrice Rodriguez, Marie Spapen

Alice, having trouble with her self image, tries to hide her weight and eating disorder from her school and parents.

Good or Bad, Black and White

Good or Bad, Black and White (1995)


Directed by Amit Goren.

Roy Orbison: Black & White Night

Roy Orbison: Black & White Night (1988)

Starring: Roy Orbison, Jackson Browne, T Bone Burnett, Elvis Costello, J. Steven Soles, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, J.D. Souther, Jennifer Warnes, Alex Acuna, Glen D. Hardin, James Burton, Jerry Scheff, Ronnie Tutt, Mike Utley, k.d. lang

Recorded live at the Cocoanut Grove in Los Angeles, Roy is joined by an eclectic ensemble of rock and roll superstars including Jackson Browne, Elvis Costello, T-Bone Burnett, J.D. Souther, Jennifer Warnes, k.d. lang, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Waits.

Roy Orbison: Black and White Night 30

Roy Orbison: Black and White Night 30 (2017)

Starring: Roy Orbison, Jackson Browne, T Bone Burnett, Elvis Costello, k.d. lang, Bonnie Raitt, J. Steven Soles, J.D. Souther, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, Jennifer Warnes, James Burton, Glen D. Hardin, Jerry Scheff, Ronnie Tutt, Alex Acuna, Mike Utley

Black & White Night 30 is a re-imagined, re-edited, remastered and expanded version of the original television special. Filmed in black and white, Roy Orbison's 1987 television concert covers all his hits, including "Pretty Woman," "Only the Lonely," "Crying" and "Dream Baby." A star-studded group of friends -- Jackson Browne, Elvis Costello, Bonnie Raitt and Bruce Springsteen, among others -- joins Orbison onstage in a 1940s nightclub setting, jamming with one of rock 'n' roll's most unforgettable voices.

Too White To Be Black, Too Black To Be White: The New Orleans Creole

Too White To Be Black, Too Black To Be White: The New Orleans Creole (2006)


If the melting pot theory ever existed in America, it happened in New Orleans. This presentation examines a group of marginalized mixed-race Americans who are both multi-cultural and multi-ethnic. This documentary is the first authentic treatment of a group of Americans who proudly identify themselves as creoles. It provides first-hand accounts of their experiences in New Orleans. After reconstruction, the Supreme Court decision, Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), divided America into two worlds: one white and one disenfranchised black. The Creole stories they tell in this documentary speak to the social history of the united states where the fruits of the american dream were rewarded to those with European features, light skin, and good hair. Often, survival meant giving up one's gens de couleur [colored people] identity to assimilate into white america. The process of becoming a productive american has been fraught with both rejection and racism for creoles of color. This is their story.