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Blow Out

Blow Out (1981)

Starring: John Travolta, Nancy Allen, John Lithgow, Dennis Franz, Peter Boyden, Curt May, John Aquino, John McMartin, Deborah Everton, J. Patrick McNamara, Missy Cleveland, Roger Wilson, Lori-Nan Engler, Barbara Sigel, David DeFelice, Roberto Lombardi, Missy Crutchfield

Jack Terry is a master sound recordist who works on grade-B horror movies. Late one evening, he is recording sounds for use in his movies when he hears something unexpected through his sound equipment and records it. Curiosity gets the better of him when the media become involved, and he begins to unravel the pieces of a nefarious conspiracy. As he struggles to survive against his shadowy enemies and expose the truth, he does not know whom he can trust.

The Blow Out

The Blow Out (1936)


A crazed bomber is terrorizing the city. Meanwhile, a young Porky is a few cents shy of buying an ice cream soda; he starts earning it by picking up items people drop and handing them to him...

Family Secrets: Blowing Out The Candles

Family Secrets: Blowing Out The Candles (2012)


Birthdays are a time for celebration, but rather than celebrate with his family, a young man resorts to drugs, alcohol and sleep. His sister is increasingly concerned that her slacker brother will follow in the footsteps of their mother, who drank herself to death.

The Water Margin

The Water Margin (1972)

Starring: David Chiang, Chen Kuan-Tai, Tetsurō Tamba, Toshio Kurosawa, Chin Feng, Lily Ho Li-Li, Ti Lung, Tung Lam, Elliot Ngok, Wong Chung, Ku Feng, Fan Mei-Sheng, Wu Ma, Cheng Lui, Danny Lee Sau-Yin, Leung Seung-Wan, Shum Lo, Wong Ching-Ho, Cheng Miu, Bruce Tong Yim-Chaan, Gam Tin-Chue, Pang Pang, Phillip Ko Fei, Chin Chun, Wong Ching, Wang Kuang-Yu, Lee Wan-Chung, Tin Ching, Lau Gong

The corruption in the Sung Dynasty of 11th century China is so rampant that it inspires a band of Oriental Robin Hoods - the Honorable 108. Mountain bandits who nevertheless live by a scrupulous code of conduct, the Honorable 108 pledge to end the repression of the brutal overlords.