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Blue Iguana

Blue Iguana (2018)

Starring: Sam Rockwell, Ben Schwartz, Al Weaver, Amanda Donohoe, Simon Callow, Peter Ferdinando, Frances Barber, Phoebe Fox, Daniel Eghan, Jenny Bede, Lee Nicholas Harris, Andre Flynn, Peter Polycarpou, Vic Waghorn, Glenn Wrage

He's a low level criminal with no future and just out of prison. She's a low level lawyer never noticed by others, a lost soul without a life. Their anger and hostility makes them serious criminals. Love happens in the strangest of places.

Dancing at the Blue Iguana

Dancing at the Blue Iguana (2001)

Starring: Charlotte Ayanna, Kristin Bauer van Straten, W. Earl Brown, Daryl Hannah, Chris Hogan, Sheila Kelley, Elias Koteas, Владимир Машков, Sandra Oh, Rodney Rowland, Jennifer Tilly, Robert Wisdom, David Amos, Jesse Bradford, Christina Cabot, Bill Chott, Maurice Compte, Jack Conley, Marta Cunningham, Pete Gardner, Victoria De Mare

A non-glamorous portrayal of the lives of people who make their living at a strip club.

The Blue Iguana

The Blue Iguana (1988)

Starring: Dylan McDermott, James Russo, Jessica Harper, Dean Stockwell, Pamela Gidley

The IRS sends Recovery Specialist Vince Holloway south of the border to the dangerous town of Diablo to rob the outlaw bank where criminals launder their cash.