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Bread and Roses

Bread and Roses (2000)

Starring: Pilar Padilla, Adrien Brody, Jack McGee, Monica Rivas, Frankie Davila, Lillian Hurst, Maria Orellana, Melody Garrett, Elpidia Carrillo, George Lopez, Benicio del Toro, Rosa Ayala, Mayron Payes

Maya is a quick-witted young woman who comes over the Mexican border without papers and makes her way to the LA home of her older sister Rosa. Rosa gets Maya a job as a janitor: a non-union janitorial service has the contract, the foul-mouthed supervisor can fire workers on a whim, and the service-workers' union has assigned organizer Sam Shapiro to bring its "justice for janitors" campaign to the building. Sam finds Maya a willing listener, she's also attracted to him. Rosa resists, she has an ailing husband to consider. The workers try for public support; management intimidates workers to divide and conquer. Rosa and Maya as well as workers and management may be set to collide.

Bread & Roses

Bread & Roses (1993)

Starring: Geneviève Picot, Mick Rose, Donna Akersten, Raymond Hawthorne, Tina Regtien, Erik Thomson, Theresa Healey, Frances Kewene, Emily Perkins, Larissa Matheson, Joanna Briant, William Walker, Katherine McRae, Janet Fisher

Based upon the life of activist and trade unionist (and later MP) Sonja Davies. The film covers her life up to 1956, when, at age 33, she was elected to the Nelson Hospital Board. During this period she develops strong socialist beliefs, marries and divorces, at age 17 trains as a nurse, has a romance (and a child) with an American marine who is killed in WWII action. She battles tuberculosis and marries a former boyfriend when he returns from the war. She becomes part of a women's ill-fated campaign to save the Nelson railway line from closure and begins to be elected to political bodies.