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Caddyshack (1980)

Starring: Chevy Chase,Rodney Dangerfield,Ted Knight,Bill Murray,Michael O'Keefe

Caddyshack II

Caddyshack II (1988)

Starring: Jackie Mason,Robert Stack,Dyan Cannon,Chevy Chase,Dina Merrill

'Caddyshack': The 19th Hole

'Caddyshack': The 19th Hole (1999)


Behind-the-scenes documentary of the making of 'Caddyshack'. Among the people interviewed: producer Jon Peters, writer/director Harold Ramis, and players Cindy Morgan, Scott Colomby, Ann Ryerson, Hamilton Mitchell, and Chevy Chase. Ms. Ryerson mentions the candy bar-in-the-pool scene and says she can no longer eat one because of that. Ms. Morgan mentions her reluctance to do nude scenes to Mr. Ramis who didn't want to force her to do it. Mr. Peters ended up making her do it. They all mention the genius of Bill Murray's improvisations as Carl Spackler as well as John Dykstra's handling of the animatronic gopher. They also mention the ways the late Ted Knight and the late Rodney Dangerfield worked and their friction that seemed to help the movie. There were a few more interesting anecdotes that were told but I'll just say that 'Caddyshack': The 19th Hole was a nice look back at this now-classic comedy.