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Cellular (2004)

Starring: Kim Basinger,Jason Statham,Chris Evans,William H. Macy,Matt McColm

Cellular Girlfriend

Cellular Girlfriend (2011)

Starring: Airi Suzuki, Seika Taketomi, Baba Tooru, Kaori Asô, Yasuyuki Hirano, Hôsei Shiramizu

A high school girl becomes involved in a murder mystery that revolves around a dating simulation game that has currently become popular on mobile phones. A woman who seemingly exists only as a character within the game is somehow killing all the male players one by one.

Cellular Boyfriend +

Cellular Boyfriend + (2012)

Starring: Suzuka Morita, Takahisa Maeyama, Haruhiko Imai, Tetsuya Makita, Misaki Momose, Masashi Ohyama, Minami Tsuda, Rie Tsuneyoshi

High school student Ayumi kills herself and leaves behind a cryptic message that says "will be killed by boyfriend."

Keitai kareshi

Keitai kareshi (2009)

Starring: Umika Kawashima, Nozomi Maeda, Hideo Ishiguro, Yuka Ônishi, Sakina Kuwae, Shigemitsu Ogi, Mari Hoshino, Motoki Ochiai, Tsugumi Shinohara, Uehara Takuya

High school student Ayumi kills herself and leaves behind a cryptic message that says "will be killed by boyfriend." Ayumi's classmates Satomi and Yuka investigate her suicide and quickly links her death to a popular cellphone dating simulation game called Keitai Kareshi. The main features of the game include a 'love gauge' that determines how well the player is faring and the ability to chat with other players. Satomi, Yuka download the game to their phones and begin interacting with their new virtual boyfriends. Soon after, Satomi shares the game with her co-worker who -- not long after the love gauge on her cellphone hit zero -- dies from electrocution. Meanwhile, Yuka sends the game to her manager who turns up dead the following day following a mysterious accident. The mystery deepens as Satomi discovers the image of Naoto, a senior student whom Satomi secretly admired, on her friend Hisami's cellphone. Written by Dr. Jay Trotter

Hollywood Scarefest: Premiere Edition!

Hollywood Scarefest: Premiere Edition! (2003)


This is a collection of terrifying short films from the acclaimed Hollywood Scarefest festival. Blending horror, fantasy, and sci-fi, the directors of these award-winning shorts prove that terror comes in many forms.