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Colma: The Musical

Colma: The Musical (2006)

Starring: Jake Moreno, H.P. Mendoza, L.A. Renigen

The Big Gay Musical

The Big Gay Musical (2009)

Starring: Jim Newman,Jeff Metzler,Daniel Robinson,Brian Spitulnik,Andre Ward

Sound of Noise

Sound of Noise (2012)

Starring: Bengt Nilsson,Sanna Persson Halapi,Magnus Borjeson,Johannes Bjork,Fredrik Myhr

The first musical cop movie!

Cannibal! The Musical (Alferd Packer: The Musical)

Cannibal! The Musical (Alferd Packer: The Musical) (1996)

Starring: Juan Schwartz, Ian Hardin, Matt Stone

Sound of Noise

Sound of Noise (2012)

Starring: Bengt Nilsson, Sanna Persson, Sanna Persson Halapi

Police officer Amadeus Warnebring was born into a musical family with a long history of famous musicians. Ironically, he hates music. His life is thrown into chaos when a band of crazy musicians decides to perform a musical apocalypse using the city as their orchestra... Reluctantly, Warnebring embarks on his first musical investigation... -- (C) Official Site

Reefer Madness - The Movie Musical

Reefer Madness - The Movie Musical (2005)

Starring: Kristen Bell,Christian Campbell,Neve Campbell,Alan Cumming,Ana Gasteyer

Reefer Madness - The Movie Musical

Reefer Madness - The Movie Musical (2005)

Starring: Alan Cumming,Steven Weber,Christian Campbell,Kristen Bell,Ana Gasteyer

Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest

Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest (2011)

Starring: Q-Tip, A Tribe Called Quest, Phife Dawg

A documentary film directed by Michael Rapaport about one of the most influential and groundbreaking musical groups in hip-hop history. Having released five gold and platinum selling albums within eight years, A Tribe Called Quest has been one of the most commercially successful and artistically significant musical groups in recent history, and regarded as iconic pioneers of hip hop. The band's sudden break-up in 1998 shocked the industry and saddened the scores of fans, whose appetite for the group's innovative musical stylings never seems to diminish. A hard-core fan himself, Rapaport sets out on tour with A Tribe Called Quest in 2008, when they reunited to perform sold-out concerts across the country, almost ten years after the release of their last album, The Love Movement. -- (C) Sony Classics

Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas

Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas (2014)

Starring: Jim Parsons, Mark Hamill, Edward Asner

"Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas" combines the humor and spirit of both the beloved 2003 holiday film, which drew glowing reviews and earned $173 million at the domestic box office, and the hit Broadway production. The special is an all-new retelling of Buddy's delightfully absurd yet heartwarming story and blends the look and feel of the stop-motion animated Christmas specials of the past with the sharp sensibility of the modern-day classic holiday film. -- (C) NBC

My Prairie Home

My Prairie Home (2013)

Starring: Rae Spoon

Chelsea McMullan's documentary My Prairie Home profiles singer Rae Spoon, a Canadian performer who is also transgendered. The film traces Spoon's musical and personal evolution, as the musician shares personal stories about discovering the truth about oneself and having the courage to live that truth.


Sing (2016)

Starring: Matthew McConaughey,Reese Witherspoon,Scarlett Johansson,Taron Egerton,Nick Offerman

A koala impresario stages a grand singing competition for the world's animals in order to save his elegant theater in this quirky animated musical.

BB King: The Life of Riley

BB King: The Life of Riley (2014)

Starring: B.B. King, Morgan Freeman, Bono

Cardinal Releasing Ltd., MVD Entertainment Group, and Syndctd Entertainment are pleased to announce the US release of The Life of Riley, the much-lauded feature documentary film on the extraordinary life of Blues legend B.B. King. King worked closely with Director Jon Brewer for 2 years to create this powerful film. The heartfelt contributions from a plethora of music's superstars were a vast indication that this was the time for his story to be told. At 88 years old, King, his family, friends and contemporaries unveil the true-life drama that was the springboard for the future 'King of the Blues'. Battling unrelenting racism and the humiliation of segregation whilst working in the cotton fields as an orphaned child, King lived to overcome the toughest critics in the entertainment industry and ultimately be hailed as one of the kingpins of an entire genre of music. This candid biopic of the life story of one of our living legends is highlighted by rare archive footage and beautifully shot scenes of the deep American south. Informative and visually stunning, The Life of Riley is the definitive document of a true American treasure. (c) MCD

100 Voices: A Journey Home

100 Voices: A Journey Home (2010)


Co-directors Danny Gold and Matthew Asner team with composer Charles Fox for this musical exploration of Jewish culture in Poland.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)

Starring: Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale

How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is (2013)

Starring: Joe Piscopo,Erika Christensen,Erich Bergen,Michael Pare,Eddie Griffin

"How Sweet It Is" is about an alcoholic theater owner who produces a successful musical to pay off his mob debt, but problems arise when the wise guys cast people that owe them money. This hilarious musical comedy focuses on the life of Jack a down-on-his-luck, alcoholic theater owner. He is in danger of losing his life because he owes money to the mob. However, Jack has one last chance to save his life and his legendary musical theater. It all hinges on his new musical production called "How Sweet It Is," which must have a strong opening. This might not be a problem, but the mob boss fancies himself a casting director and insists on a cast of deadbeats and criminals that owe him money. Jack doesn't have a choice but to go along with the plan. The movie has a happy ending!