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Dancer in the Dark

Dancer in the Dark (2000)

Starring: Björk, Catherine Deneuve, David Morse, Peter Stormare, Joel Grey, Cara Seymour, Vladica Kostic, Jean-Marc Barr, Vincent Paterson, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Zeljko Ivanek, Udo Kier, Jens Albinus, Reathel Bean, Mette Berggreen, Lars Michael Dinesen, Katrine Falkenberg, Michael Flessas, John Randolph Jones, Stellan Skarsgård, Paprika Steen, Noah Lazarus, John Martinus, Luke Reilly, Sean-Michael Smith, Al Agami, Anna Norberg, Troels Asmussen, Caroline Sascha Cogez

Selma, a Czech immigrant on the verge of blindness, struggles to make ends meet for herself and her son, who has inherited the same genetic disorder and will suffer the same fate without an expensive operation. When life gets too difficult, Selma learns to cope through her love of musicals, escaping life's troubles - even if just for a moment - by dreaming up little numbers to the rhythmic beats of her surroundings.

Dancers in the Dark

Dancers in the Dark (1932)

Starring: Miriam Hopkins, Jack Oakie, William Collier Jr., Eugene Pallette, Lyda Roberti, George Raft, Maurice Black, DeWitt Jennings, Paul Fix, Eduardo Durant, Mary Gordon, Eduardo Durant's Rhumba Band, George Bickel, James Bradbury Jr., Sam Coslow, Jesse De Vorska, Claire Dodd, Jack Elder, Paul Gibbons, Adelaide Hall, William Halligan, Walter Hiers, Al Hill, Frances Moffett, Kent Taylor, Alberta Vaughn, Fred Warren

A bandleader tries to romance a dancer by sending her boyfriend, a musician, out of town. However, things get complicated when he finds out that a gangster has designs on her too.