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Night Game

Night Game (1989)

Starring: Roy Scheider, Karen Young, Lane Smith, Richard Bradford, Paul Gleason

A police detective tracks a serial killer who is stalking young women on a beach front after each game that a baseball pitcher wins

Day Night Game

Day Night Game (2014)

Starring: Jithan Ramesh, Maqbool Salmaan, Archana Kavi, Bhagath Manuel, Shobha Mohan, Mamukkoya, Sudheesh, Shivaji Guruvayoor, Anil Dhuniya, Sreejith Ravi

Day Night Game Malayalam Movie is Director : Shibu Prabhakar ,Producer: : Shyju NP, Starring :Jithan Ramesh, Maqbool Salmaan, Archana Kavi, Bhagath Manuel, Shobha Mohan, Mamukkoya, Sudheesh, Shivaji Guruvayoor, Anil Dhuniya, Anil Murali, Sreejith.

Unfriended: Dark Web

Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)

Starring: Colin Woodell, Betty Gabriel, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Andrew Lees, Connor Del Rio, Stephanie Nogueras, Savira Windyani, Chelsea Alden, Alexa Mansour, Bryan Adrian, Douglas Tait, Rob Welsh, Kiara Beltran, Eric Shamm Watson, Ashton Smiley, Maya Nalli

​When a 20-something finds a cache of hidden files on his new laptop, he and his friends are unwittingly thrust into the depths of the dark web. They soon discover someone has been watching their every move and will go to unimaginable lengths to protect the dark web.

Night Games

Night Games (1980)

Starring: Cindy Pickett, Barry Primus, Joanna Cassidy, Paul Jenkins, Gene Davis

A Californian housewife is terrified of having sex because of a past assault. When this phobia threatens to destroy her marriage, she takes refuge in a series of erotic fantasies about a masked man. But is it really all just a fantasy?

The Games of Night

The Games of Night (2008)

Starring: Roy DeVito, Alex Wilson

A young boy lies awake at night waiting for his drunken dad to come home. Listening to his mom's sobs, the boy imagines himself the hero, rescuing the father from his drinking buddies and bringing him home. When the father finally comes home for real, instead of relief, the boy is filled with dread. This film shows how a child tries to cope with parental addiction and conflict.

Night Games

Night Games (1966)

Starring: Ingrid Thulin, Keve Hjelm, Jörgen Lindström, Lena Brundin, Naima Wifstrand, Monica Zetterlund, Lauritz Falk, Rune Lindström, Lissi Alandh, Christian Bratt, Cleo Boman, Monique Ernstdotter, Axel Fritz, Willy Koblanck, Cécile Ossbahr, Harry Schein, Fylgia Zadig

"Night Games" - Jan fights impotence (literal and symbolic) and anguished childhood memories in a decadent Swedish castle where risqué parties and daring scenes defy 1960s' movie censorship, reaffirming the ground-breaking role of Swedish films in helping advance adult, sexually concerned themes in international cinema.

Spy Games

Spy Games (1999)

Starring: Bill Pullman, Irène Jacob, Bruno Kirby, Udo Kier

A romantic suspense-comedy about CIA agent Harry (Bill Pullman) and SVR agent Natasha (Irene Jacob) fighting to save the world, their lives and secret love in the post cold war Helsinki

Le Notti Bianche

Le Notti Bianche (1957)

Starring: Maria Schell, Marcello Mastroianni, Jean Marais, Marcella Rovena, Maria Zanoli, Elena Fancera, Pietro Ceccarelli, Angelo Galassi, Renato Terra, Corrado Pani, Dirk Sanders, Clara Calamai, Giorgio Albertazzi, Lys Assia, Enzo Doria, Carla Foscari, Ferdinando Gerra, Leonilde Montesi, Sandro Moretti, Mimmo Palmara

A lonely clerk attempts to win the love of a woman who still awaits the return of her long-absent suitor.