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Ghost World

Ghost World (2001)

Starring: Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson, Steve Buscemi, Brad Renfro, Illeana Douglas, Bob Balaban, Stacey Travis, Charles C. Stevenson Jr., Dave Sheridan, Tom McGowan, Debra Azar, Brian George, Pat Healy, Rini Bell, T. J. Thyne, Ezra Buzzington, Lindsey Girardot, Joy Bisco, Venus DeMilo, Ashley Peldon, Chachi Pittman, Janece Jordan, Kaileigh Brielle Martin, Alexander Fors, Marc Vann, James Sie, Paul Keith, David Cross, J.J. 'Bad Boy' Jones, Dylan Jones, Martin Grey, Steve Pierson, Jake La Botz, Johnny Irion, Nate Wood, Charles Schneider, Sid Hillman, Joshua Wheeler, Patrick Fischler, Matt Doherty, Daniel Graves, Joel Michaely, Debi Derryberry, Joseph Sikora, Brett Gilbert, Alex Solowitz, Tony Ketcham, Mary Bogue, Brian Jacobs, Patrick Yonally, Lauren Bowles, Lorna Scott, Jeff Murray, Jerry Rector, John Bunnell, Diane Salinger, Anna Berger, Bruce Glover, Teri Garr, Danny Allen, Joan Blair, Michelle McGinty

Two quirky, cynical teenaged girls try to figure out what to do with their lives after high school graduation. After they play a prank on an eccentric, middle aged record collector, one of them befriends him, which causes a rift in the girls' friendship.

Ghost Meets World

Ghost Meets World (2016)

Starring: Zeke Whiteside, Cameron Mefford, Deon Mostiller, Taft Ayers, Bo Pugh, Justin Malone

When three teenage boys set out to make a documentary about a supposed ghost sighting, they end up stumbling upon a dead body, and must race against the clock to clear their names of the murder.

Enigmas of the World: The Ghost of Amelia Fox

Enigmas of the World: The Ghost of Amelia Fox (2004)


Do you see dead people? You just might after watching this fascinating documentary, which prowls around a haunted house on the island of Rhodes, Greece, in search of the ghost of one Amelia Fox. But what the filmmakers uncover is more than a restless spirit; they reveal a tragic love affair that ended in a woman's untimely death. Capturing spine-tingling sounds and unexplainable images, it's a ghost hunt you won't soon forget.

Haunted Tales

Haunted Tales (1980)

Starring: Ling Yun, Ching Li, Lin Chen-Chi, Lau Luk-Wah, Chan Shen, Shum Lo, Lau Nga-Ying, Hung Ling-Ling, Yeung Chi-Hing, Ku Kuan-Chung, Ngaai Fei, Gam Biu, Ou-Yang Sha-Fei, Lee Pang-Fei

1. A crash leaves a man dead, and his wife badly injured. Soon, he returns as a ghost to try to take her with him. 2. A caretaker wins the lottery thanks to the saucer spirit. Things begin to go wrong when he breaks his promise to it.

Amazing World of Ghosts

Amazing World of Ghosts (1978)

Starring: Sidney Paul

Do ghosts come from outer space? Are they amongst us? The Amazing World of Ghosts seeks to unveil the mysteries that defy mankind's understanding and define the modern age… and then runs out of stock footage before getting anywhere.

Kadokawa Mystery & Horror Tales Vol. 3

Kadokawa Mystery & Horror Tales Vol. 3 (2005)

Starring: Jinpachi Nezu, Natsuo Ishido, Masako Izumi, Ryûji Harada, Eisuke Tsunoda, Ikkei Watanabe, Yumi Asou

"GHOST HOUSE" Cast: Jinpachi Nezu ("Castle of the Owls", "Red Shadow"), Natsuo Ishido, Masako Izumi Synopsis: A young girl is forbidden by her parents to marry and decides to elope. "WHISPERS" Cast: Ryuji Harada ("Ka-chan", "Firefly"), Eisuke Tsunoda, Kimi Mizuhashi SynopsisTakuya (Ryuji Harada), a broadcast journalist, is asked by a program director to investigate a strange tree that is located in the area where he was brought up. "WORLD OF INIFINITY" Cast: Ikkei Watanabe ("Muscle Heat", "Gamera 3"), Yumi Aso ("Bond", "Last Scene") Synopsis: For 20 years, Takei (Ikkei Watanabe) devoted his life to his company and family. Using his weak heart as an excuse, he avoided involvement in social activities.