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Green Room

Green Room (2016)

Starring: Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Patrick Stewart, Alia Shawkat, Joe Cole, Callum Turner, Mark Webber, Eric Edelstein, Macon Blair, Kai Lennox, David W. Thompson, Michael Draper, Andy Copeland, Brent Werzner, Lj Klink, Kasey Brown, Taylor Tunes, Jake Love, Kyle Love, October Moore, Joseph Bertót, Jacob Kasch, Samuel Summer, Mason Knight, Colton Ruscheinsky

A young punk rock band find themselves trapped in a secluded venue after stumbling upon a horrific act of violence.

The Green Room

The Green Room (1978)

Starring: François Truffaut, Jean Dasté, Patrick Maléon, Nathalie Baye, Jeanne Lobre, Antoine Vitez, Jean-Pierre Moulin, Serge Rousseau, Jean-Pierre Ducos, Annie Miller, Nathan Miller, Marie-Jaoul de Poncheville, Monique Dury, Laurence Ragon, Marcel Berbert, Thi-Loan Nguyen, Christian Lentretien, Néstor Almendros

Based on the Henry James short story "The Altar of the Dead", in which a man becomes obsessed with the many dead people in his life and builds a memorial to honor them. This film is also based on other short story by Henry James, "The Beast of the Jungle". It would be the last film Truffaut would act in.