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Halloween (1978)

Starring: Donald Pleasence, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nancy Kyes

Tales of Halloween

Tales of Halloween (2015)

Starring: Booboo Stewart, Grace Phipps, Keir Gilchrist

Trick or treat! Ten different tales of Halloween horror taking place in one suburban town are included in this anthology, featuring appearances by Adrienne Barbeau, Booboo Stewart, Joe Dante, John Landis, Ben Woolf, Lisa Marie and more.

The American Scream

The American Scream (2012)

Starring: Vincent Bariteau, Manny Souza, Matt Brodeur

Every Halloween, sleepy Fairhaven, Massachusetts erupts with the most ambitiously creative spookery in the world. Endless styrofoam tombstones and backyard beasts come courtesy of a few supremely dedicated local "home haunters" who've devoted their lives to the art of handmade monster-making. The American Scream follows three of these horrific households to uncover the triumphs and tragedies that come with carrying the blackened banner of true Halloween spirit. -- (C) Official Site

Halloween H2O

Halloween H2O (1998)

Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Josh Hartnett, Michelle Williams

Halloween III - Season of the Witch

Halloween III - Season of the Witch (1982)

Starring: Tom Atkins, Stacey Nelkin, Dan O'Herlihy

Halloween II

Halloween II (1981)

Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Jeffrey Kramer, Charles Cyphers

Boo! A Madea Halloween

Boo! A Madea Halloween (2016)

Starring: Tyler Perry, Cassi Davis, Patrice Lovely

In TYLER PERRY'S BOO! A MADEA HALLOWEEN, Madea winds up in the middle of mayhem when she spends a hilarious, haunted Halloween fending off killers, paranormal poltergeists, ghosts, ghouls and zombies while keeping a watchful eye on a group of misbehaving teens.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

Starring: Donald Pleasence, Ellie Cornell, Danielle Harris


Halloween (2007)

Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Brad Dourif, Tyler Mane


31 (2016)

Starring: Sheri Moon Zombie, Malcolm McDowell, Meg Foster

31 tells the story of five carnies in 1976 kidnapped on the morning of Halloween and held hostage in a remote industrial Hell. While trapped, they are forced to play a violent game called 31. The mission is to survive 12 hours against an endless gang of grease-painted maniacs.

Little Sister

Little Sister (2016)

Starring: Addison Timlin, Ally Sheedy, Keith Poulson

October, 2008. Young nun Colleen is avoiding all contact from her family, until an email from her mother announces, "Your brother is home." On returning to her childhood home in Asheville, NC, she finds her old room exactly how she left it: painted black and covered in goth/metal posters. Her parents are happy enough to see her, but unease and awkwardness abounds. Her brother is living as a recluse in the guesthouse since returning home from the Iraq war. During Colleen's visit, tensions rise and fall with a little help from Halloween, pot cupcakes, and GWAR. Little Sister is a sad comedy about family - a schmaltz-free, pathos-drenched, feel good movie for the little goth girl inside us all.

Phish 3d

Phish 3d (2010)


The movie features never before seen cover songs, and intimate footage of the band backstage and in rehearsals. Filmed in October 2009 at the band's Festival 8, more than 40,000 devoted fans watched as Phish combined two of their most beloved traditions - the multi-day festival and the Halloween album "costume." The band's highly anticipated "musical costumes" are concerts involving the performance of an entire album by another artist-in this case, Phish covered the Rolling Stones' album Exile on Main St. Phish 3D also features songs from the band's first ever full-length acoustic set, as well as performances taken from the six additional sets.

H2: Halloween II

H2: Halloween II (2009)

Starring: Tyler Mane, Scout Taylor-Compton, Danielle Harris


Gravy (2015)

Starring: Lothaire Bluteau, Michael Weston, Lily Cole

It's Halloween night. A trio of costumed misfits with very special dietary requirements invades a Mexican cantina and forces the staff to engage in a late night of gluttony. The only caveat is what's on the menu... and who will survive until morning!

Tales From the Script

Tales From the Script (2010)

Starring: Allison Anders,Jane Anderson,Doug Atchison,John August,Shane Black

Shane Black (Lethal Weapon), John Carpenter (Halloween), Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption), William Goldman (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid), Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver), and dozens of other Hollywood screenwriters share penetrating insights and hilarious anecdotes in Peter Hanson and Paul Robert Herman's TALES FROM THE SCRIPT, the most comprehensive documentary ever made about screenwriting. By analyzing their triumphs and recalling their failures, the participants explain how successful writers develop the skills necessary for toughing out careers in one of the world's most competitive industries. They also reveal the untold stories behind some of the greatest screenplays ever written, describing their adventures with luminaries including Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, Stanley Kubrick, Joel Silver, Martin Scorsese, and Steven Spielberg. -- (C) First Run Features