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Little Black Book

Little Black Book (2004)

Starring: Brittany Murphy,Holly Hunter,Kathy Bates,Ron Livingston,Julianne Nicholson

The Little Black Book - The Benning Story

The Little Black Book - The Benning Story (2012)

Starring: Paula Moloney

The 'Little Black Book' is now forgotten. before the mid 60s it meant having some human rights, being able to raise children in safely and interact with towns... Derby, W.A. - The Benning Family has a unique and amazing history as well as outlook. All the brothers had a natural musical talent and they are the first instrumental Aboriginal band, bringing the community together since the early 1950s... This Short Documentary is a narrative driven, oral history and pop interview based 'expos'e' which also explores 'Lateral Violence' - a theory that explains many trends in Aboriginal communities today.