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Strange Culture

Strange Culture (2007)

Starring: Tilda Swinton, Thomas Jay Ryan, Josh Kornbluth, Peter Coyote

Strange Culture is a 2007 documentary film directed by Lynn Hershman Leeson. It stars Tilda Swinton and Thomas Jay Ryan. It premiered January 19, 2007 at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. The film examines the case of artist and professor Steve Kurtz, a member of the Critical Art Ensemble (CAE). The work of Kurtz and other CAE members dealt with genetically modified food and other issues of science and public policy. After his wife, Hope, died of heart failure, paramedics arrived and became suspicious when they noticed petri dishes and other scientific equipment related to Kurtz's art in his home. They summoned the FBI, who detained Kurtz within hours on suspicion of bioterrorism.

Just Be There

Just Be There (1973)


Mitchell, a Vietnam veteran, returns home to Minneapolis with his girlfriend Kathy and intends to write a novel about his war experiences, but is pushed by his overbearing father into a job selling pork bellies at a commodities firm. Quickly promoted to vice president for his work during the day, while writing the novel at night, proves too much for Mitchell; fearing that he has "sold out," he takes off on his motorcycle to "get his head together" early '70s-style. Somehow, schlockmeister Jack H. Harris (producer of THE BLOB) took this film and re-released it as something sexy called SWINGING TEACHER.