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Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver (1976)

Starring: Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Cybill Shepherd

Tehran Taxi

Tehran Taxi (2011)


Situations in the day to day life of a taxi driver.

Jafar Panahi's Taxi

Jafar Panahi's Taxi (2015)

Starring: Jafar Panahi

This lauded slice-of-life movie stars exiled Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi as he poses as a taxi driver in Tehran, in this series of portraits of everyday characters hiring his driving services.


Taxi (2015)

Starring: Jafar Panahi,Rosalie Thomass,Peter Dinklage,Leonardo Arivelo,Stipe Erceg

Because ALEX has no idea what they should do with their lives, it is the mid-80s in Hamburg taxi driver. The sound of the 80's tough, the pubs dark and noisy, there is plenty of sex, it is constantly smoked, and not just cigarettes.

Taxi zum Klo (Taxi to the Toilet)

Taxi zum Klo (Taxi to the Toilet) (1981)

Starring: Frank Ripploh, Bernd Broaderup, Bernd Broderup

Taxi to the Dark Side

Taxi to the Dark Side (2007)

Starring: Moazzam Begg, Willie Brand, Jack Cloonan

Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting (1997)

Starring: Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Ben Affleck

Taxi Blues

Taxi Blues (1990)

Starring: Piotr Mamonov,Piotr Zaitchenko,Natalia Koliakanova,Vladimir Kachpour,Hal Singer


Tarzan (1999)

Starring: Tony Goldwyn, Glenn Close, Minnie Driver

The Driver

The Driver (1978)

Starring: Ryan O'Neal, Bruce Dern, Isabelle Adjani

An Ideal Husband

An Ideal Husband (1999)

Starring: Rupert Everett, Julianne Moore, Jeremy Northam

Grosse Pointe Blank

Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)

Starring: John Cusack, Minnie Driver, Dan Aykroyd

Owning Mahowny

Owning Mahowny (2003)

Starring: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Minnie Driver, John Hurt

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends (1994)

Starring: Chris O'Donnell, Minnie Driver, Geraldine O'Rawe

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends (1994)

Starring: Chris O'Donnell,Minnie Driver,Geraldine O'Rawe,Saffron Burrows,Alan Cumming