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The Addiction

The Addiction (1995)

Starring: Lili Taylor, Christopher Walken, Annabella Sciorra, Edie Falco, Michael Imperioli, Paul Calderon

A vampiric doctoral student tries to follow the philosophy of a nocturnal comrade and control her thirst for blood.

Theatres des Vampires: Addiction Tour 2006

Theatres des Vampires: Addiction Tour 2006 (2006)


Following symphonic black metal band Theatres des Vampires on their 2006 Addiction Tour, this concert video contains footage from shows in London; Berlin; Zagreb, Croatia; and Prague, Czech Republic. In addition, featured are interviews with vocalist Sonya Scarlet, who sheds light on the group's history and fascination with bloodsucking creatures of the night. Songs include "Never Again," "Pleasure and Pain," "Dances with Satan" and more.

Mind the Addiction: The Adrenaline Series

Mind the Addiction: The Adrenaline Series (2001)


This 16mm documentary takes viewers around the world as they follow some of the best snowboarders and skiers ever to face-plant into deep powder. Chris Collins, Johan Olofsson and Micah Black are included among the twelve athletes profiled in this study of winter sport that includes amazing mountain footage from Switzerland, Alaska and Italy.

Robert Palmer - Addictions the DVD

Robert Palmer - Addictions the DVD (2003)

Starring: Robert Palmer

Slick 1980's rocker Robert Palmer helped define a decade of excess with his lyrics of girls, money, sex, and convertibles. An artist that was almost as well-known for his music as his videos - and most notably the unforgettable imagery in Addicted to Love which became an instant classic. Addictions The Videos DVD features eighteen Robert Palmer videos spanning his entire career before his untimely death in 2003.