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The Big Tease

The Big Tease (1999)

Starring: Craig Ferguson, David Rasche, Mary McCormack, Donal Logue, Nina Siemaszko, David Hasselhoff, Drew Carey, Cathy Lee Crosby, Caitlyn Jenner, Frances Fisher, Melissa Rivers

Thinking he's competing in Los Angeles' hot Platinum Scissors contest, Scottish hairstylist Crawford (Craig Ferguson) leaves Glasgow with a film crew to capture the event. When he learns he's a mere audience member, Crawford must find a way to become the mane event. Abhorrent Norwegian Stig is his stiff-as-gel competition. Drew Carey and others make cameo appearances in this hysterical mockumentar

Here comes another one

Here comes another one (1984)


Style film that has him pulling practical jokes on average citizens, such as when he convinces people that an alien spaceship has landed in Tel Aviv. Other gags include an ATM that speaks English to bewildered patrons, a family aghast to find their Mohel wielding a butcher knife and a buxom pedestrian convinced to audition for a topless