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The Blot

The Blot (1921)

Starring: Claire Windsor,Phillip Hubbard,Louis Calhern,Philip Hubbard,Margaret McWade

Car, Violin and Blot the Dog

Car, Violin and Blot the Dog (1974)

Starring: Rolan Bykov, Nikolay Grinko, Georgiy Vitsin, Zinoviy Gerdt, Mikhail Kozakov, Aleksei Smirnov, Oleg Anofriev, Spartak Mishulin, Zoya Fyodorova, Galina Polskikh

A fantasy story about five-grades - musician and engineer, their friend - the most beautiful girl in the world, her brother who dreams to turn all cats into monkeys, his dog Klyaksa and a lot more stuff…

Blott on the Landscape

Blott on the Landscape (1985)

Starring: David Suchet, Geraldine James, George Cole, Julia McKenzie, Paul Brooke

Bawdy adaption of Tom Sharpe's comic tale. A landowning MP attempts to have a motorway built through the grounds of his wife's ancestral home.