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The Ladies Man

The Ladies Man (2000)

Starring: Tim Meadows, Karyn Parsons, Billy Dee Williams, John Witherspoon, Jill Talley, Lee Evans, Will Ferrell, Sofia Milos, Eugene Levy, David Huband, Jammer, Ken Hudson Campbell, Kevin McDonald, Tamala Jones, Julianne Moore, Tiffani Thiessen, Rocky Carroll, Arnold Pinnock, Shaun Majumder, Brett Heard, Diego Fuentes, Sean Thibodeau, Mark McKinney, Chris Parnell, Boyd Banks

Because of his salacious language, late-night radio advice-show host Leon Phelps, along with his sweet and loyal producer Julie, is fired from his Chicago gig. Leon gets a letter from a former lover promising a life of wealth, but he doesn't know who she is. Can Leon find his secret sugar-mama? What about Julie?

The Ladies Man

The Ladies Man (1961)

Starring: Jerry Lewis, Helen Traubel, Kathleen Freeman, Pat Stanley, George Raft, Hope Holiday, Jack Kruschen, Fritz Feld, Dave Willock, Harry James, Marty Ingels, Leoda Richards, Sylvia Lewis, Eddie Quillan, Roscoe Ates, Doodles Weaver, Patricia Blair, Buddy Lester, Jack LaLanne, Westbrook Van Voorhis, Dee Arlen, Francesca Bellini, Vicki Benet, Alex Gerry, Lillian Briggs, Bonnie Evans, Marianne Gaba, Jacqueline Fontaine, Karyn Kupcinet

After his girl leaves him for someone else, Herbert gets really depressed and starts searching for a job. He finally finds one in a big house which is inhabited by many, many women. Can he live in the same home with all these females?

The Ladies' Man

The Ladies' Man (1928)


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