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The Weather Underground

The Weather Underground (2002)

Starring: Bernardine Dohrn,Mark Rudd,Brian Flanagan,David Gilbert,Bill Ayers

The Weathered Underground

The Weathered Underground (2010)

Starring: Michael Ciriaco,Brea Grant,David N. Donihue,Hollis McLachlan,Ellyse Deanna

You determine the outcome of the story in this "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style movie following a hapless musician who sets out on a wild ride through the city after being dumped by the love of his life. Eric loves Liz more than life itself. Unfortunately, the feeling isn't mutual. Will Eric spend this one wild night fighting to win back the girl of his dreams, or is the prospect of a life without Liz so emotionally devastating that it will send the newly-single rocker on a downward spiral of drugs and debauchery? With up to 1000 choices and more than 30 endings, whatever path you take, the story will never turn out the same way twice.

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground - Live From The Pretty Parlor

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground - Live From The Pretty Parlor (2007)

Starring: Kirk Huffman, Rachael Huffman, Thomas Hunter, Kyle O'Quin, Phillip A. Peterson, J.J. Lang, Andy Lum, Nate Mooter, Robert Parker, Victoria Parker, Joey Seward

On one magical evening... Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, the soundtrack to sleep walking through your waking state and wake walking through your day dreams, congregated under the atmosphere of one enchanting 'Pretty Parlor' to celebrate in potent song, the rebellion of airwaves, jukeboxes, sound systems, and Hi-Fi's of all kinds.