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Trans-Siberian Express

Trans-Siberian Express (1977)

Starring: Asanali Ashimov, Nonna Terentyeva, Oleg Tabakov, Konstantin Grigorev, Oleg Lee, Natalya Arinbasarova, Oleg Vidov, Vadim Zakharchenko, Nina Alisova

An espionage thriller set aboard the train of the title. A group of agents try to thwart the Japanese-Soviet trade agreement by assassinating a Japanese businessman.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Ghosts of Christmas Eve

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Ghosts of Christmas Eve (1999)

Starring: Ossie Davis

The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve, is a timeless holiday story of a young runaway who has broken into an old movie palace, looking for shelter on a snow filled Christmas Eve. Closed for decades, the building is filled with countless discarded artifacts from the past. There she is discovered by the old caretaker who uses the ghosts and spirits that inhabit this long abandoned world to turn her life around. This enchanting tale featuring Ossic Davis, singer/songwriter Jewel, and Broadway superstar Michael Crawford is highlighted by the performances of Christmas favorites as well as Trans-Siberian Orchestra's own unique arrangements of holiday classics.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra & Savatage: [2015] Wacken Open Air

Trans-Siberian Orchestra & Savatage: [2015] Wacken Open Air (2015)


Madness of Men (First live appearance of new song), Another Way You Can Die, The Night Conceives, Toccata - Carpimus Noctem, The Hourglass, Beethoven, Prometheus (First live appearance of new song), A Last Illusion, The Mountain, Carmina Burana, Turns to Me, Another Way, Piano Solo, Mozart and Memories, Morphine Child, King Rurik (First live appearance of new song), Believe, Chance, Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24), Requiem (The Fifth)

Horror Express

Horror Express (1972)

Starring: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Telly Savalas, Alberto de Mendoza, Silvia Tortosa, Julio Peña, Ángel del Pozo, Helga Liné, Alice Reinheart, José Jaspe, George Rigaud, Víctor Israel, Faith Clift, Juan Olaguivel, Allen Russell, José Marco, José Canalejas, Vicente Roca, Hiroshi Kitatawa

Mysterious and unearthly deaths start to occur while Professor Saxton is transporting the frozen remains of a primitive humanoid creature he found in Manchuria back to Europe.