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The A-Team

The A-Team (1983)

Starring: George Peppard, Dirk Benedict, Mr. T, Dwight Schultz, Marla Heasley, Melinda Culea, William Lucking, Lance LeGault, Robert Vaughn, Eddie Velez, Charles Napier, Carl Franklin

"If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire: THE A-TEAM." These words open one of the most famous TV series of all time. The A-Team was about 4 escaped fugitives from a crime they did not commit:... More


First Aired:
January 23, 1983
Air Day:
Air Time:
60 Min
Action, Adventure


Mexican Slayride (1)

January 23, 1983

Ep: 1 Mexican Slayride (1)

A desperate, but ambitious newspaper reporter, Amy Allen, wants to prove the existence of the A-Team, four ex GIs that help people in need. When she finds them she hires them, because her co-worker Al Massey is missing in Mexico.

Mexican Slayride (2)

January 23, 1983

Ep: 2 Mexican Slayride (2)

Part 2 of the pilot episode in which the A-Team have been captured by a group of guerillas and the gang leader they were sent to fight. In the final battle they are assisted by the villagers and with their help, the A-Team is able to overthrow... More

Children of Jamestown

January 30, 1983

Ep: 3 Children of Jamestown

After the A-Team rescues a girl from a crazed cult leader, they are captured by the man's followers and made the quarry of a death hunt.

Pros and Cons

February 8, 1983

Ep: 4 Pros and Cons

B.A.'s friend is held in a prison where the warden holds fight-to-the-death-boxing matches whose winner receives short-lived freedom.

A Small and Deadly War

February 15, 1983

Ep: 5 A Small and Deadly War

Hannibal plays cat and mouse with a renegade S.W.A.T. A-Team that's committing murders for hire.

Black Day at Bad Rock

February 22, 1983

Ep: 6 Black Day at Bad Rock

While treating a seriously wounded B.A., a suspicious small town doctor notifies the sheriff, who fears that B.A. may be part of a biker gang returning to free its jailed leader.

The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas

March 1, 1983

Ep: 7 The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas

The A-Team gets involved in a mob power play when two girls ask them to find their college professor who went to Las Vegas with a perfect gambling system and never came back.

The Out-of-Towners

March 15, 1983

Ep: 8 The Out-of-Towners

The A-Team takes up the cause of New York shopkeepers against neighborhood protection racketeers.

Holiday in the Hills

March 22, 1983

Ep: 9 Holiday in the Hills

B.A.'s fear of flying is justified when the A-Team's plane crashes in the backwoods where they must battle mountain men to keep a man from being burned at the stake.

West Coast Turnaround

April 5, 1983

Ep: 10 West Coast Turnaround

The A-Team delivers produce to the market for a farmer who is slowly being driven out of business by a land-hungry rancher.

One More Time

April 12, 1983

Ep: 11 One More Time

The US government recruits the A-Team to rescue a general and his daughter from guerillas in Borneo.

Till Death Do Us Part

April 19, 1983

Ep: 12 Till Death Do Us Part

The A-Team has to rescue a reluctant bride being forced to marry her late father's business partner.

The Beast From the Belly of a Boeing

May 3, 1983

Ep: 13 The Beast From the Belly of a Boeing

Hannibal's plan to free a hijacked airborne 747 requires a bit of adjustment when B.A. becomes cataleptic and Murdock temporarily blinded.

A Nice Place to Visit

May 10, 1983

Ep: 14 A Nice Place to Visit

The A-Team comes to the aid of a small town being terrorized by a murderous family.

Diamonds 'n' Dust

September 20, 1983

Ep: 1 Diamonds 'n' Dust

The A-Team agrees to transport explosives to a Zimbabwe diamond mine after the owner dies trying to do it himself.

Recipe for Heavy Bread

September 27, 1983

Ep: 2 Recipe for Heavy Bread

The cook from the A-Team's POW camp gives them a tip about a drug deal between the camp's former commander and a prisoner who had sold out to him.

The Only Church in Town

October 11, 1983

Ep: 3 The Only Church in Town

Face convinces the A-Team to take his case when he receives his fraternity pin in a package from Ecuador from a woman who disappeared from his life fifteen years earlier.

Bad Time on the Border

October 18, 1983

Ep: 4 Bad Time on the Border

Hannibal goes undercover as an illegal alien when the A-Team is asked to find a sick woman who was apparently left behind by alien smugglers.

When You Comin' Back, Range Rider? (1)

October 25, 1983

Ep: 5 When You Comin' Back, Range Rider? (1)

The A-Team must duck their Army pursuers as they try to stop wild horse rustlers.

When You Comin' Back, Range Rider? (2)

October 25, 1983

Ep: 6 When You Comin' Back, Range Rider? (2)

With Decker hot on their heels, the A-Team must try and find of evidence of the mustangs’ illegal rustling as quickly as possible, before they are captured themselves. With enemies coming from two sides, it is ultimately up to Murdock to save... More

The Taxicab Wars

November 1, 1983

Ep: 7 The Taxicab Wars

A small cab company hires the A-Team to thwart the sabotage efforts of a larger company trying to run them out of business.

Labor Pains

November 8, 1983

Ep: 8 Labor Pains

The A-Team helps migrant workers to organize against a landowner that is forcing them to live and work under slave-labor conditions.

There's Always a Catch

November 15, 1983

Ep: 9 There's Always a Catch

The A-Team must once again duck Decker as they try to stop an extortionist plaguing a small fishing village.

Water, Water Everywhere

November 22, 1983

Ep: 10 Water, Water Everywhere

A land developer is trying to run three disabled Vietnam vets off the desert property they're renovating.


November 29, 1983

Ep: 11 Steel

The A-Team looks into sabotage at a construction site.

The White Ballot

December 6, 1983

Ep: 12 The White Ballot

Face replaces a candidate who was killed while running for sheriff against a corrupt incumbent, and ends up getting the military after the whole A-Team when his photo is published in the newspaper.

The Maltese Cow

December 13, 1983

Ep: 13 The Maltese Cow

Old friends who own a restaurant sponsored by the A-Team face an extortion threat from a Chinese tong.

In Plane Sight

January 3, 1984

Ep: 14 In Plane Sight

The A-Team employs a new method to prepare B.A. for a flight to South America, where drug smugglers are holding an innocent pilot prisoner.

The Battle of Bel-Air

January 10, 1984

Ep: 15 The Battle of Bel-Air

The A-Team must rescue an employee of a security firm after she warns them about an ambush.

Say It With Bullets

January 17, 1984

Ep: 16 Say It With Bullets

A WAC asks the A-Team to investigate the death of her brother, who was involved in arms trafficking at a military base.

Pure-Dee Poison

January 31, 1984

Ep: 17 Pure-Dee Poison

The A-Team helps a southern minister stop the manufacture of lethal moonshine.

It's a Desert Out There

February 7, 1984

Ep: 18 It's a Desert Out There

The sophisticated commando tactics used by a gang for robbing busloads of tourists suggests to the A-Team that they're preparing for a bigger score.

Chopping Spree

February 14, 1984

Ep: 19 Chopping Spree

The A-Team uses their own vehicles, Face's Corvette and B.A.'s van, as bait for a car-stealing ring.

Harder Than it Looks

February 21, 1984

Ep: 20 Harder Than it Looks

The rescue of a kidnapping victim looks easy until the ransom is left behind and the victim insists on bringing along one of her captors.

Deadly Maneuvers

February 28, 1984

Ep: 21 Deadly Maneuvers

Criminals foiled in the past by the A-Team hire a crew of mercenaries to pick off each member one by one.

Semi-Friendly Persuasion

May 8, 1984

Ep: 22 Semi-Friendly Persuasion

The A-Team faces an especially challenging mission when their pacifist clients forbid the use of violence against bigots trying to run their community off its land.

Curtain Call

May 15, 1984

Ep: 23 Curtain Call

The A-Team reminisces (via flashbacks) about an injured Murdock as they look for a doctor and try to avoid a pursuing Decker.

January 1, 1970

Ep: 24

Bullets and Bikinis

September 18, 1984

Ep: 1 Bullets and Bikinis

Two girls ask the A-Team to take over their beachfront hotel after an alleged mobster keeps making bigger and bigger buyout offers that they refuse to take.

The Bend in the River (1)

September 25, 1984

Ep: 2 The Bend in the River (1)

Tawnia asks the A-Team to find her fiancé, an archaeologist last seen on an Amazon expedition that was attacked by a pirate.

The Bend in the River (2)

September 25, 1984

Ep: 3 The Bend in the River (2)

Tawnia asks the A-Team to find her fiancé, an archaeologist last seen on an Amazon expedition that was attacked by a pirate.


October 2, 1984

Ep: 4 Fire

The A-Team faces another Army pursuit as they try to help a small town fire chief compete with a larger rival company.


October 16, 1984

Ep: 5 Timber!

The A-Team intercedes when a union organizer tries to put a small logging operation out of business.

Double Heat

October 23, 1984

Ep: 6 Double Heat

The A-Team is called in to find an accountant's daughter who has become a pawn in a game between two rival mobsters.

Trouble on Wheels

October 30, 1984

Ep: 7 Trouble on Wheels

Hannibal goes undercover in order to investigate employee theft from an auto plant.

The Island

November 13, 1984

Ep: 8 The Island

An Army doctor who once saved B.A.'s life calls in his debt by asking the A-Team to help deal with the thugs who have taken over the tropical island where he has set up a medical practice.


November 20, 1984

Ep: 9 Showdown!

Col. Lynch stakes out a Wild West show that has been terrorized by a group of A-Team impostors, sure that the real guys won't be able to ignore them.

Sheriffs of Rivertown

November 27, 1984

Ep: 10 Sheriffs of Rivertown

The A-Team travels to South America where they become the law in a town built to house workers of a power plant that has been experiencing a number of fatal accidents.

The Bells of St. Marys

December 4, 1984

Ep: 11 The Bells of St. Marys

Threats from their old record label prompt a singing group who went to school with Face to ask the A-Team for help.

Hot Styles

December 11, 1984

Ep: 12 Hot Styles

Face's latest girl friend is rather ungrateful after the A-Team rescues her from mobsters.


December 18, 1984

Ep: 13 Breakout!

After being taken hostage by bankrobbers B.A. and Murdock are named as accomplices and put in jail until Decker can come and get them.

Cup A' Joe

January 8, 1985

Ep: 14 Cup A' Joe

A restaurateur tries to force the owners of a small diner to sell out to him after he arranges for a new freeway off-ramp to be built nearby.

The Big Squeeze

January 15, 1985

Ep: 15 The Big Squeeze

The A-Team opens its own restaurant to lure a ruthless loan shark who has other restaurant owners terrified.


January 22, 1985

Ep: 16 Champ!

B.A. goes undercover as a boxer in order to put a drug-trafficking ring out of business.


January 29, 1985

Ep: 17 Skins

The A-Team travels to Kenya to deal with game poachers who have included a game warden among their kills.

Road Games

February 5, 1985

Ep: 18 Road Games

Face infiltrates a gambling ring to clear a man's gambling debts and to save the foster home he runs.

Moving Targets

February 12, 1985

Ep: 19 Moving Targets

A Middle Eastern potentate hires the A-Team to protect his about-to-be-married daughter despite her ideas to the contrary.

Knights of the Road

February 26, 1985

Ep: 20 Knights of the Road

The A-Team comes to the aid of an auto mechanic being driven out of business by a ruthless competitor.

Waste 'Em!

March 5, 1985

Ep: 21 Waste 'Em!

The A-Team discovers a plot to dump toxic waste when they try to protect a man and his blind sister from harassment.


April 2, 1985

Ep: 22 Bounty

Murdock is kidnapped by bounty hunters that hope to use him as bait to capture the rest of the A-Team. When the Team arrives to rescue him, they find he has fallen in love with a veteranarian that's helped save him.

Beverly Hills Assault

April 9, 1985

Ep: 23 Beverly Hills Assault

The A-Team goes uptown and gets involved with an art dealer who has been replacing original paintings with fakes.

Trouble Brewing

May 7, 1985

Ep: 24 Trouble Brewing

Two sisters ask the A-Team for help when they are pressured to convert their all-natural soda pop bottling plant into a brewery.

Incident at Crystal Lake

May 14, 1985

Ep: 25 Incident at Crystal Lake

The A-Team's planned fishing vacation at a lakeside retreat is ruined when Decker and his men show up.

Judgment Day (1)

September 24, 1985

Ep: 1 Judgment Day (1)

The A-Team goes to Italy to rescue a judge's daughter from mobsters, then must spend the journey home aboard an oceanliner dodging the boys trying to get her back.

Judgment Day (2)

September 24, 1985

Ep: 2 Judgment Day (2)

The A-Team goes to Italy to rescue a judge's daughter from mobsters, then must spend the journey home aboard an oceanliner dodging the boys trying to get her back.

Where is the Monster When You Need Him?

October 1, 1985

Ep: 3 Where is the Monster When You Need Him?

The A-Team must make do with movie prop guns against the real things when they are attacked while helping Hannibal and a friend film a low-budget movie in Mexico.

A Lease with an Option to Die

October 22, 1985

Ep: 4 A Lease with an Option to Die

Some muscle men make a big mistake when they try to force B.A.'s momma out of her apartment.

The Road to Hope

October 29, 1985

Ep: 5 The Road to Hope

Hannibal poses as a wino to avoid being caught by the Army and stumbles onto a racket that involves killing the derelicts.

The Heart of Rock N' Roll

November 5, 1985

Ep: 6 The Heart of Rock N' Roll

Singer Rick James asks the A-Team to help an old rock-and-roll legend whose life in prison has suddenly become very dangerous.

Body Slam

November 12, 1985

Ep: 7 Body Slam

Hulk Hogan asks his old friend B.A. for the A-Team's help against a mobster who is out to close down a youth center for no apparent reason.

Blood, Sweat, and Cheers

November 19, 1985

Ep: 8 Blood, Sweat, and Cheers

Someone sabotages a car at a regional stock-car race and attracts the A-Team's attention-the car belongs to Hannibal's nephew.

Mind Games

November 26, 1985

Ep: 9 Mind Games

Face quits the A-Team after receiving a full government pardon and quickly becomes a celebrity, the rest of the A-Team keeps an eye on him suspecting the pardon's not 100% legit.

There Goes the Neighborhood

December 3, 1985

Ep: 10 There Goes the Neighborhood

The A-Team moves a rock star threatened with kidnapping into a quiet suburban neighborhood, which doesn't stay quite for long.

The Doctor is Out

December 10, 1985

Ep: 11 The Doctor is Out

The A-Team travels to South America to find Murdock's psychiatrist, accompanied by a woman claiming to be his daughter.

Uncle Buckle-Up

December 17, 1985

Ep: 12 Uncle Buckle-Up

The A-Team discovers a kiddie show is a front for a heroin ring when Hannibal auditions for a part.

Wheel of Fortune

January 14, 1986

Ep: 13 Wheel of Fortune

Murdock's fortunes rise and fall as he uses Face's system to win big on "Wheel of Fortune" but then is kidnapped during a plot to steal a Soviet gunship.

The A-Team is Coming, the A-Team is Coming

January 21, 1986

Ep: 14 The A-Team is Coming, the A-Team is Coming

Soviet spys need the A-Teams help in preventing the theft of an American satellite weapon, whose disappearance would disrupt world peace.

Members Only

January 28, 1986

Ep: 15 Members Only

Face's chances of getting into an exclusive country club are severely hampered by the A-Team's battles on club property with a crooked bank president.

Cowboy George

February 11, 1986

Ep: 16 Cowboy George

Face believes he's booked country singer Cowboy George into one of the roughest dance halls in the Southwest, but his agent friend delivers Boy George instead.

Waiting for Insane Wayne

February 18, 1986

Ep: 17 Waiting for Insane Wayne

When Murdock gets mistaken for an insane mercenary the A-Team is drawn into a fight over property rights and an oil well.

The Duke of Whispering Pines

February 25, 1986

Ep: 18 The Duke of Whispering Pines

One of B.A.'s old girlfriends has a problem; her husband, B.A.'s old college rival, has disappeared.

Beneath the Surface

March 4, 1986

Ep: 19 Beneath the Surface

Face returns to his orphanage for a reunion and meets an old friend's sister, who's worried about her brother's disappearance, and an old girlfriend, who is in cahoots with Fulbright to trap Face for the reward.

Mission of Peace

March 11, 1986

Ep: 20 Mission of Peace

Senior citizens hire the A-Team to protect their historic Texas mission home and tourist attraction from land developers.

The Trouble With Harry

March 25, 1986

Ep: 21 The Trouble With Harry

Hulk Hogan comes to visit B.A. but the reunion is interrupted by a cry for help from a troubled youth with an alcoholic father.

A Little Town With an Accent

May 6, 1986

Ep: 22 A Little Town With an Accent

The A-Team discovers an organized crime kingpin believed to be dead is behind the intimidation of several gas station owners.

The Sound of Thunder

May 13, 1986

Ep: 23 The Sound of Thunder

General Fulbright captures the A-Team then offers to let them prove their innocence by accompanying him to Vietnam and rescuing a POW who could clear their names.

Dishpan Man (1)

September 26, 1986

Ep: 1 Dishpan Man (1)

The A-Team is blackmailed by retired General Stockwell, who kidnaps Hannibal and threatens to have him prosecuted if the A-Team fails to secure the release of hostages held on a plane in Spain.

Trial by Fire (2)

October 3, 1986

Ep: 2 Trial by Fire (2)

The A-Team's court martial begins and a surprising motive for the death of Colonel Morrison is revealed.

Firing Line (3)

October 10, 1986

Ep: 3 Firing Line (3)

General Stockwell interferes with the plans of Murdock and Frankie to free the rest of the A-Team before the Army can execute them.

Quarterback Sneak

October 17, 1986

Ep: 4 Quarterback Sneak

The A-Team uses a football game as a cover to sneak a chemical warfare scientist out of East Germany.

The Theory of Revolution

October 24, 1986

Ep: 5 The Theory of Revolution

The outbreak of a revolution interferes with the planned rescue of three Americans from a Third World Country.

The Say U.N.C.L.E. Affair

October 31, 1986

Ep: 6 The Say U.N.C.L.E. Affair

Stockwell is kidnapped by his former partner who has "gone bad" and the A-Team has 18 hours to find him or forever loose any chances of securing a pardon.

Alive at Five

November 7, 1986

Ep: 7 Alive at Five

Face plans to leave the A-Team but gets involved in the rescue of a newswoman from a paranoid mob chief.

Family Reunion

November 14, 1986

Ep: 8 Family Reunion

A former political adviser offers to trade a diary for a reunion with his daughter- who Face is hitting on, but Murdock learns that the man may be Face's father and the daughter Face's sister.

Point of No Return

November 18, 1986

Ep: 9 Point of No Return

Stockwell refuses to allow the A-Team to go after Hannibal when he fails to check in while on a solo mission in hostile territory.

The Crystal Skull

November 28, 1986

Ep: 10 The Crystal Skull

The A-Team's effort to secure a valuable religious artifact involves them with warring island tribes who mistake Murdoch for a God and some unusual missionaries.

The Spy Who Mugged Me

December 2, 1986

Ep: 11 The Spy Who Mugged Me

Murdock poses as suave secret agent to catch a killer before he can complete another assignment.

Without Reservations

March 8, 1987

Ep: 12 Without Reservations

Frankie and Face visit Murdock at his job in a restaurant, and all three become hostages of mobsters out to kill a patron, the US Attorney General.

The Grey Team

December 30, 1986

Ep: 13 The Grey Team

The A-Team must bring a girl in who has stolen a briefcase from her father, filled with material she believes he's selling to the Soviets.