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Conan the Adventurer

Conan the Adventurer (1992)


Conan was created by Robert E. Howard, who wrote novels based on the legendary barbarian. This animated series follows the legendary barbarian as he struggles against Wrath-Amon and his legions of evil.


First Aired:
September 12, 1992
Air Day:
Air Time:
30 Min
Action, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy


The Night Of Fiery Tears

September 12, 1992

Ep: 1 The Night Of Fiery Tears

Conan a young barbarian in Cimmeria has his family turned to stone by the cruel warlord Wrath-Amon. Now the yong warrior must go on a quest to break the curse on his family and end the tyranny of Wrath-Amon.

Blood Brother

September 19, 1992

Ep: 2 Blood Brother

Conan is captured and enslave by spies of Wrath-Amon. Now he must face the monster that cursed his family.

Star of Shadizar

September 26, 1992

Ep: 3 Star of Shadizar

Conan and Zula journey to Shadizar to find the Star of Transmutation, a powerful magical jewel which might help Conan break the curse on his family. On the way they meet a mysterious circus performer named Jazmine who might help them on their quest.

Conan the Gladiator

October 3, 1992

Ep: 4 Conan the Gladiator

When Conan and Jezmine are given the news that Zula has been captured by cannibals and is presumed dead, Conan vows to find his Blood Brother.

The Heart of Rakkir

October 10, 1992

Ep: 5 The Heart of Rakkir

Some sailor sees a magic jewel which Wrath-amon reveals has the power to control a mighty, invincible sea serpent. As you might expect, it can only be claimed by one of Atlantean blood. We meet Snaag, and he, Conan, and Jezmine sail off to... More

Men of Stone

October 17, 1992

Ep: 6 Men of Stone

When Wrath-Amon enslaves a village and turns their chief to stone, Conan goes to investigate the matter and learns the secret behind the curse, but will it cost him his friends?

The Terrible Torrinon

October 24, 1992

Ep: 7 The Terrible Torrinon

Conan, Jasmine and Snag ride into a town shunned by locals as being "cursed". There, they see a woman being carried away by an evil wizard, feared as the Terrible Torrinon. The adventuring trio mount a rescue, only to find that they have been... More

Greywolf of Xanthus

October 31, 1992

Ep: 8 Greywolf of Xanthus

Conan,Jezmine,and Zula journey to Xanthus, the ancient city of wizards, to look for a way to break the stone curse that Wrath-Amon placed on Conan's family.

Shadow Walkers

November 7, 1992

Ep: 9 Shadow Walkers

Conan, and Greywolf are in the city of Phenion. When they are attacked by a gang of ninjas. The ninjas then explain that they are the Silent Dragons and they need his help. Conan agrees and the ninjas offer to teach him how to be a ninja.

The Claw of Heaven

November 14, 1992

Ep: 10 The Claw of Heaven

Conan and Greywolf hear of a tribe of Celts (primitives) whose shaman/tribal leader wields a staff with a piece of Star Metal forged in the shape of a claw upon it (the Claw of Heaven of the title). This specially forged Star Metal amplifies... More

The Serpent Riders of Set

November 21, 1992

Ep: 11 The Serpent Riders of Set

Conan, Jasmine and Snag are travelling through a forest when they come across a band of warriors who challenge them. The leader of the warriors turns out to be a youth, the ruler of the local land who was recently ousted by Wrath-Amon and his... More

Windfang's Eyrie

November 28, 1992

Ep: 12 Windfang's Eyrie

Windfang, under Wrath-amon's orders, kidnaps Jasmine and imprisons her in his lair. As Conan comes to her rescue the draconically deformed Windfang reveals his previous existence as a normal human to Jasmine.

Seven Against Stygia

December 5, 1992

Ep: 13 Seven Against Stygia

Wrath-Amon is about to complete a second pyramid and come much closer to free his master Set. Conan and Zula discover this and call on the rest of their comrades so they may prevent it from happening.

Tribal Warfare

September 13, 1993

Ep: 1 Tribal Warfare

When Snag's tribesmen, the Vanirmen, are attacked by what appears to be Cimmerians -Conan's tribe- Conan and Snag's friendship is tested. To compliment the matter further, men who appear to be Vanirmen attack the Cimmerians. This escalates to war... More

Curse of Axh'oon

September 14, 1993

Ep: 2 Curse of Axh'oon

Conan and Zula must deliver the mask of Axh'oon to the Wasai, ancient enemies the Orashawa as payment from Gora so he may be made their king. Conan and Zula are skeptical but agree to the task, for it may deliver peace to the two kingdoms... or... More

The Master Thief of Shadizar

September 15, 1993

Ep: 3 The Master Thief of Shadizar

Conan and Jasmine team up with an arrogant and notorious thief to plunder a wizard's tower, but trouble arises when the wizard turns out to be an old enemy of theirs.

The Vengeance of Jhebbel Sag

September 16, 1993

Ep: 4 The Vengeance of Jhebbel Sag

In search of allies to aid them in their never-ending quest against Wrath-amon, Zula performs a magical ritual that calls the spirit Jhebbel Sag, Master of Beasts, into the material world. Unfortunately, their negotiations with the sympathetic... More

The Red Brotherhood

September 17, 1993

Ep: 5 The Red Brotherhood

Conan and Snagg are in Toran when a female pirate helps them escape a group of soldiers who started a fight with two of them. Her name is Valeria and she wants them to join her crew the Red Brotherhood. Conan and Snagg are hesitant, but agree to... More

Thunder and Lightning

September 20, 1993

Ep: 6 Thunder and Lightning

Conan is becoming more frustrated with Thunder's free-willed nature. They soon reach the city of Ranoako. There they find weapons similar to what his father made and ask where the blacksmith duplicated it. He tells them he copied it from the... More

The Crevasse of Winds

September 21, 1993

Ep: 7 The Crevasse of Winds

In search of the mystical Book of Skelos, which may hold the secret to releasing Conan's family from Wrath-amon's Spell of Living Stone, Conan and Falconar climb to the infamous Crevasse of Winds, where they discover that the Book has a guardian;... More

Hanuman the Ape God

September 22, 1993

Ep: 8 Hanuman the Ape God

Conan and Jezmine find a magical golden city in the middle of the desert ruled by a man with a magic rod. This entire city seems to worship an ape-god (Hanuman) who crashed to the earth in a big rock, bringing the magic rod with him. When... More

Isle of the Naiads

September 23, 1993

Ep: 9 Isle of the Naiads

Conan and Snag are in deep trouble after a visit to the mysterious "Isle of the Naiads", home to magical spirits of water, trees and stone, results in them losing their strength to the enchanted waters of weakness. Especially seeing as how... More

In Days of Old

September 24, 1993

Ep: 10 In Days of Old

Conan, and Jezmine travel to village where they are meant to rendezvous with Greywolf. When they arrive he is no where to be found. Until his siblings Sasah and Misha lead them to him. They find him apparently drained of his youth. He tells them... More

Birth of Wrath-amon

September 27, 1993

Ep: 11 Birth of Wrath-amon

Conan, Zula, and Falconer travel to the mountains and find the Spellbinder. They ask him to break the curse on Conans family but he refuses. Through some bargaining from Conan, he provides a solution; to send Conan back in time before the spell... More


September 28, 1993

Ep: 12 Earthbound

Windfang tired of being Wrath-Amons unwilling henchmen steals a spell that can take him to Queen Fridgia to mystic Askaloon where he can break his curse. He kidnaps Jazmine because he needs a witness and they break the curse. Wrath-Amon learns of... More

The Treachery of Emperors

September 29, 1993

Ep: 13 The Treachery of Emperors

The Princess of Venga has been abducted by Sarenshaw the leader of the hooded ones. The Emperor promises that whoever saves his daughter shall be made King of the western province. Fortunately, Conan is in Venga and hears the proposal and agrees... More

The Sword of Destiny

September 30, 1993

Ep: 14 The Sword of Destiny

Conan and Jasmine battle to rescue a village besieged by serpent men, but things go awry when a young man wishing to be a hero steals Conan's star-metal sword.

A Needle in a Haystack

October 2, 1993

Ep: 15 A Needle in a Haystack

Return to Tarantia

October 3, 1993

Ep: 16 Return to Tarantia

Conan and his group go to Tarantia, there Jazmine meets her mother and father again, but the dark secrets of Jazmine's family are revealed to her and she is also ambushed by Wrath-Amon.

The Book of Skelos

October 4, 1993

Ep: 17 The Book of Skelos

Conan, Jasmine and Zula, in search of the second Book of Skelos (the first having been destroyed in "The Crevasse of Winds"), enter an ancient ruin that leads to a nightmarish pocket dimension controlled by a monstrous demon.

Labors of Conan

October 5, 1993

Ep: 18 Labors of Conan

Conan, Jezmine, and Greywolf are traveling by the mountains when they are attacked by Serpentmen. Zulanti, a wizard, comes to their aid and helps them drive away the Serpentmen. Zulanti quickly shows his power to the group and they are quite... More

The Amulet of Vathelos

October 6, 1993

Ep: 19 The Amulet of Vathelos

Conan travels to Stygia where he insults some demon-worshippers in a large city. He walks away from that encounter to eventually meet a man whose friend has been turned into stone by the same demon. This man knew Conan's grandfather when he was... More

Final Hours of Conan

October 7, 1993

Ep: 20 Final Hours of Conan

A false trail instigated by Wrath-amon leads to Conan being stung by a hideous imp created by the evil sorcerer. To the group's horror, the sting slowly starts turning Conan into a Serpent-Man; can they find a cure or will they lose their friend... More

An Evil Wind in Kusan

October 8, 1993

Ep: 21 An Evil Wind in Kusan

Falconer is captured by Windfang and a native of Kusan exiled for his ties to Set, who force him to don a cursed mantle that transforms him into the demon Harock who then attacks Kusan. The only hope for Kusan's survival is a "Duel of Champions",... More

Blood of my Blood

October 11, 1993

Ep: 22 Blood of my Blood

Conan, Jasmine, and Greywolf travel to the Temple of Tomes to research how to break the spell of living stone, and it is revealed that Conan is unable to read. As Jasmine attempts to teach the barbarian, he finds a barbarian much like himself,... More

Dragon's Breath

October 12, 1993

Ep: 23 Dragon's Breath

Conan returns to Phenion, when his master Dong Hee tells him that he may have found a way to help him. He tells Conan that he may find the answer from an old friend the Kari Dragon.

The Queen of Stygia

October 13, 1993

Ep: 24 The Queen of Stygia

Things get rough, when on the way to stop the building of one of Wrath-Amon's pyramids, Conan is tricked and enchanted by Mesmira and turned against his friends. Can they set him free, or will they all meet their doom?

Nature of the Beast

October 14, 1993

Ep: 25 Nature of the Beast

Mesmira captures Sasha, and using a wicked spell, transforms herself into a copy of her, planting bait to lure Conan and his friends into a trap and steal their star-metal weapons. It is up to Sasha to escape and warn the others of the imposter... More

City of the Burning Skull

October 15, 1993

Ep: 26 City of the Burning Skull

Conan and his friends find a mysterious city with a struggle going on between the city's last people and a diabolical sorcerer who needs their bodies to continue his life

Son of Atlantis

October 18, 1993

Ep: 27 Son of Atlantis

Wrath-Amon finds a magical horn that controls the people of Atlantis, the Cimmerians, with the blood of Atlantis flowing through their veins, are called to Stygia by the horn's power, will Conan defeat Wrath-Amon's plot, or are the people of... More

Conn Rides Again

October 19, 1993

Ep: 28 Conn Rides Again

Mesmira summons Conan to her boat, claiming she will undo the spell of living stone cast on Conan's family, meanwhile, Conn and Greywolf plot to stop Mesmira.

Down to the Dregs

October 20, 1993

Ep: 29 Down to the Dregs

Needle and Dregs are forced to team up to escape an evil collector of rare animals.

Dregs-amon the Great

October 21, 1993

Ep: 30 Dregs-amon the Great

Chaos ensures when a new ruler takes control of Stygia. All hail... Dregs-amon the Great!?

The Wolfmother

October 22, 1993

Ep: 31 The Wolfmother

Conan and Greywolf travel to an unnamed country of frost, when Sasha and Misha run away, Greywolf goes in search of them and vanishes, Conan goes to a nearby lodge to solicit the aid of its residents. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman teaches... More

Conan of the Kosaki

October 25, 1993

Ep: 32 Conan of the Kosaki

Crossing the sea to a distant kingdom whose king is enslaving his people to construct one of the stone pyramids that will release Set, Conan, Jasmine and Snag are thrown into prison for their troubles.Escaping to join forces with the renegade... More

Torrinon Returns

October 26, 1993

Ep: 33 Torrinon Returns

The diminutive and incompetent magician Torrinon frantically summons Conan, Snag and Jasmine for assistance after he accidentally provokes Wrath-amon's wrath with a magical prank.

The Frost Giant's Daughter

October 27, 1993

Ep: 34 The Frost Giant's Daughter

Eager to win the heart of a fiery warrior woman, Snagg brings Conan along into the wilds in search of a flower from the garden af Atali, the Frost Giant's Daughter. But will they find more than they bargained for?

Cornucopia of Grondar

October 28, 1993

Ep: 35 Cornucopia of Grondar

Conan and friends seek the lost Cornucopia of Grondar, a mystical horn of plenty with the ability to create any object. But when the horn falls into Wrath-Amon's hands, will they be able to stop him before he creates enough star-metal to free Set?

When Tolls the Bell of Night

October 29, 1993

Ep: 36 When Tolls the Bell of Night

An evil warlord enlists the aid of Windfang to free an evil demon of fear and darkness imprisoned in ancient times. But when the demon turns out to be more powerful than they thought, an unlikely alliance may have to be made to vanquish the beast.

The Last Dagger of Manir

November 1, 1993

Ep: 37 The Last Dagger of Manir

Conan and his allies land in the pirate city Tortage, where Conan soon lands them in some deep trouble. Now Conan must convince a greedy pirate captain of the power of star-metal and the danger of Set before he and his friends are handed over to... More

Thorns of Midnight

November 2, 1993

Ep: 38 Thorns of Midnight

Conan, Jasmine, and Greywolf finally manage to track down some lycanthrus flowers to return Sasha and Misha to normal, but it looks like they have competition: Mesmira is after the plants as well!

The Vale of Amazons

November 3, 1993

Ep: 39 The Vale of Amazons

Conan is taken prisoner by the Amazons and made a slave, and it is up to Jasmine to defeat the treacherous queen of the Amazons and rescue her friend.

Bones of Damballa

November 4, 1993

Ep: 40 Bones of Damballa

Fearing he is to be replaced, Wrath-amon sends Skulkar to assasinate his potential replacement, a shaman named Shadizar- who happens to be an old enemy of Skulkar's. However, things go wrong and Shadizar turns Skulkar back into his original human... More

Turn About is Foul Play

November 5, 1993

Ep: 41 Turn About is Foul Play

When a new queen is revealed to be a Serpent-Woman, she tricks the king into imprisoning Conan and Zula. Now Conan and Zula, facing execution, must escape and put the treacherous snake's plans to an end!

Once and Future Conan

November 8, 1993

Ep: 42 Once and Future Conan

Conan goes to a mysterious garden to find a cure for the spell of living stone, the meeting is actually an ambush set by Wrath-Amon, Conan is pulled into the future right before he is slain by a giant serpent. The person who pulled him into the... More

Sword, Sai, & Shuriken

November 9, 1993

Ep: 43 Sword, Sai, & Shuriken

Conan is asked to return to Phenion to face an unstoppable warrior. Who has defeated every ninja in Phenion. Will Conan suffer the same fate?

Full Moon Rising

November 10, 1993

Ep: 44 Full Moon Rising

Greywolf and Conan thwart the attempt of a rogue wizard to steal forbidden knowledge, resulting in his expulsion from Xanthus. Vowing revenge on Greywolf, he teams up with Mesmira, with devastating effect. Can Conan, Sasha and Misha to mount a... More

The Stealer of Souls

November 11, 1993

Ep: 45 The Stealer of Souls

no summary for this episode.

Amra the Lion

November 12, 1993

Ep: 46 Amra the Lion

Gora uleashes his revenge against Conan, and Zula. Will the heroes escape or have they met their doom.

Escape of Ram-amon

November 15, 1993

Ep: 47 Escape of Ram-amon

On a quest to destroy Wrath-Amon, Conan finds the long-imprisoned Ram-Amon, predecessor of Wrath-Amon and sets him free, the two then team up to destroy Wrath-Amon.

The Star-Metal Monster

November 16, 1993

Ep: 48 The Star-Metal Monster

In search of friendship, a young orphan girl with innate sorcerous powers breathes life into a grotesque metal statue. Dubbing the extremely protective beast "Titainus", she feels safe at last. Unfortunately for her the statue was forged entirely... More

Into the Abyss

November 17, 1993

Ep: 49 Into the Abyss

After a tentative meeting with Ram-amon to discuss the Amulet of Vathelos, Conan discovers that the Amulet needs to be recharged with some of Set's own dark magic. The result of this is that Conan and Jasmine undertake a perilous quest into the... More

A Serpent Coils the Earth, Part 1

November 18, 1993

Ep: 50 A Serpent Coils the Earth, Part 1

Wrath-Amon finishes the building of pyramids and opens the Gates of Eternity in order to bring evil Seth back to the Earth. After destroying the city of Shushan Seth and his army go to the north, bringing fear to everyone. The next goal of Seth... More

A Serpent Coils the Earth, Part 2

November 19, 1993

Ep: 51 A Serpent Coils the Earth, Part 2

part 2 of 3 part season finale.

A Serpent Coils the Earth, Part 3

November 22, 1993

Ep: 52 A Serpent Coils the Earth, Part 3

part 3 of 3 part season finale