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The Stand

The Stand (1994)

Starring: Gary Sinise, Adam Storke, Molly Ringwald, Stephen King, Shawnee Smith, Kellie Overbey, Matt Frewer, Ossie Davis, Corin Nemec, Miguel Ferrer, Ruby Dee, Rob Lowe, Ray Walston, Bill Fagerbakke, Laura San Giacomo, Jamey Sheridan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Rick Aviles, Max Wright, Sherman Howard, Sam Anderson, Ed Harris

When a government-run lab accidentally lets loose a deadly virus, the population of the world is decimated. Survivors begin having dreams about two figures: a mystical old woman, or a foreboding, scary man.


First Aired:
May 8, 1994
Air Day:
Air Time:
90 Min
Fantasy, Horror, Mini-Series


The Plague

May 8, 1994

Ep: 1 The Plague

When a deadly virus escapes from a government research facility, few prove to be immune to its effects. With symptoms similar to the flu, those who come into contact with it quickly die. One survivor is Stu Redmond, a gas station attendant from... More

The Dreams

May 9, 1994

Ep: 2 The Dreams

The plague has taken its toll and only those immune to the virus are alive. The forces of good and evil are slowly taking shape. Those that have been dreaming about Mother Abigail are slowly making their way towards her in Nebraska. Stu Redmond... More

The Betrayal

May 11, 1994

Ep: 3 The Betrayal

Hundreds are now in Boulder, Colorado with Mother Abigail but Randall Flagg has sent Nadine Cross to infiltrate the group. Unable to seduce Larry, she then sets her sights on Harold. But just as the citizens begin to organize their lives, Mother... More

The Stand

May 12, 1994

Ep: 4 The Stand

The final confrontation between good and evil takes shape. Tom gathers information and tries to return to Boulder. With Mother Abigail gone and several members of the committee killed in an explosion, Stu, Larry, Glen and Ralph set off West as... More